article has been presented by the digital marketing agency  and it provides the comprehensive
information relevant to the useful phones apps that can be downloaded for free.

would be no brainer to say that smartphones have become the major part of our
lives. While commuting in public transport or in gatherings, you’ll see most of
the people have eyes glued to their phone screens and fingers scrolling down
the information being displayed. One can not deny that our fast-paced lives can
function without the contribution of smartphones anymore. Email, photography,
video-calling, navigation, weather forecast and endless features, everything’s right
there in our phones now. To make your phone smarter and to unlock its full
potential, our team of digital
marketing services present you the best apps for your Android or iOS
phones that can be downloaded for free in no time.

1. Sleep Cycle

The genius app tracks your sleeping habit through detecting your phone’s movement with the help of microphone and accelerometer. After framing your sleeping pattern, it functions by waking you up in your light sleep phase near to the fixed alarm time. The app is absolutely free to download, install now and check it for yourself. Get rid of your morning blues and stay refreshed throughout the day, how simply great is that?

2. ProShot

Are you an amateur photographer or a professional running a successful Instagram business? ProShot works wonders for every individual. The design and features of the app suit photographers of all sort and backgrounds providing them with the best needed results. Its set of advanced features are similar to upgraded photo editing software, facilitating all the users to optimum. Adjust focus, shades, lighting on a single touch of your finger; install the app and have the improved quality of your photos!

3. Goodlook

In need of fashion tips and a personalized style guide? Goodlook has got you covered. The trendy app is high in demand for providing every day outfit looks for both men and women, created by in-field stylists and designers. By using this handy app, you’ll get an idea how to create your perfect look for the day by combining different pieces together.


4. Remote Mouse

Your desktop keyboard or mouse isn’t working properly, and you have the urgent task to complete before deadline? Remote Mouse app is here to save the day! Just download the app and your smartphone will be converted into a mouse controller for your personal computer. It’ll function exactly the same as your computer mouse and you’ll be able to complete it before time.  

5. Dashlane

Remembering all your passwords and keeping a track of them can be nerve-wrecking. But get relived of this problem by installing Dashlane in your smartphone. It serves as your personal password manager, as it generates strong passwords for maximum security along with storing them on your device, so you can always have a check on them. As we utilize numerous software and apps for our daily conveniences, Dashlane is necessary to save and keeping track of all your passwords.

6. Marvin

An app containing eBook reading platform is all what book lovers and readers need. The app gives the readers the golden opportunity to read marvelous works of the authors, along with providing additional information about characters, storyline etc. In addition to that, you can always choose background options, color theme and font colors of your choice. Marvin also comes with the amazing feature to categorize the books by author, title, serial number, dates and more.

7. MyScript Calculator

Want the solution to your bugging math problem? Try MyScript Calculator for free. Just install it in your phone, and start writing your mathematical problem on the screen, you’ll get the instant result through the fast calculator. The app codes convert your personal handwriting into a digital text and performs the calculation instantly giving you error-free results. Now all your calculus and math assignments are no longer a problem, you can verify your results easily!

8. Waze

Although Google and Apple maps do the job for all of us, but if you’re looking for an alternative GPS navigation app, then Waze is good to go. It provides additional details for your journeys in terms of live traffic info, helps in planning your daily and occasional travel and provides the details about the additional routes and paths. Works best for both Android and iOS phone, and can be downloaded for free. 

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