Shift To WFH; Is it really worth it?

First, the essayist of digital marketing agency has made a short review of remote work, during this COVID-19, before looking at the pros and cons of remote jobs. This classification is to ensure that all IT professionals are facing the same issues. There are precisely three types of work; you can do at home during this COVID-19 described as follows,

The remote employee is distinguished as being an employee of a company you can work from home or from anywhere else you want without being a visiting the office. You have been provided a working schedule, this is not flexible as you have to work till your working hours will not complete, but you will enjoy your work.

Freelancer is similar to a business which sells his uncountable services as per his skills to the clients as a part-time or full time during this COVID-19. Freelancing is a comfortable flex job in which working hour is up to you whether you spend a whole day or half. The best part of freelancing is the protection of income and you can boost it any time with your hard work and strategy.

In your own business, you have flexibility but there is a need of investing maximum money for a startup. After some stages, you can hire partners or employees to handle your pressure and help you to spread your business widely, and you will be your boss.



 During coronavirus, it is the primary underlying condition to stay away from public communication, and working from home jobs has the most significant beneficial point that doesn’t have to bear more crowds, traffic, and getting late anymore. The team of a digital marketing company has observed that, During the office, you have to take the stress, depression, and frustration, but working from home is the best and great way to avoid those problems and hardships.


Working from home will provide you relieve from spending time in getting ready,  going office. Heavy traffic, which will waste your much time, instead of doing office job if you work from home a lot of your time will be saved in which you can sleep more, spend more time with family, having a great breakfast with gossips, play with you may feel burden and much more.


Working from home can save you a lot of money, which has been wasting during this critical situation of COVID-19. Instead of going outside when you do work from home, you will save a lot from little things like; petrol, canteen, transport maintenance, and much more. This will be very helpful for you in a future crisis.


Now you don’t have to wear suit during working from during COVID-19, just wear anything in which you feels comfortable and work from your environment as you like. This comfort ability will produce excellence and creativity in your work.


In freelancing or self business you have a right to choose your working hours, due to people’s preference for working day and night such companies also granted their employees to choose their working schedule, and You will get the freedom to work as per your thinking and requirements.


Although, finally, you have the opportunity to spend some more precious and memorable time instead of wasting it. Due to COVID-19, you can gather with your friends, but after that, you can reunion with friends and can attend events that you always missed due to your office.

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Among many pros this is the most beneficial one, now you can make your working environment according to yourself, or if you don’t work at your home, you can take your laptop and can work from roof, park, and café(not during COVID-19) the environment changes will make your work more professional and creative.


Working at offices can depress you and gives you stressing conditions like boss taunts, phone call voices, crowds whispering, and bully words. Instead of these remote jobs can released your pressure and decrease your stress, which makes you, your nerves, and brain calm and help toward your goals.


In remote-jobs, when you work from home, you will learn to make your own decisions whether you are a part of a company, freelancer, or businessman. This will release your tension from structures work and help you in gaining self- belief and confidence.


As per the survey, people work more and are not fit if they go to the office as compare to home, when you do your job from home you have time, and you will enjoy doing exercises and jogging to make your body fitter.


Everything comes with its pros and cons, Working from home has also some disadvantages classified as follows,


In remote jobs, you have to attend meetings online and clients, but after that, you will be alone most of the time. and it is a loss of opportunity in working from home which is lunch together with colleagues, trips, short breaks, gossips, and much more. The reduction of interaction with people will not good for some people because they are not habitual of it.


When you work at the office, you only depend on the working hours, and after that, you will be free. Still, in working from home, you have to complete your work even for work you have to work for early morning till late night until the job is done and this will mess your personal and work life, which will create problems and stress for you. That’s why it is essential to have a workplace or home office with pre-planned routines and working hours. Otherwise, your life will be revolving around work only.


Working from home needs strict routine; otherwise, there are many things like cleaning the house, children fighting, shopping, grocery, guests, and shows that will distract your concentration from work. To avoid these distractions, some apps will remind you of the work completed in a given time, and that will help you to stay concentrated.


Distractions will reduce your productivity, while the writer and columnists of digital marketing services strongly favor this idea. Some people are habitual of orders and bit of pressure; they can’t do work without someone looking over and supervise him all day. Due to many distractions, no one for motivation and working day feeling will be an issue when working from home. There are many articles and motivational videos where you can learn to improve productivity in working from home.


Working from can increase your health but also causes harm to your health due to the reason that when you work at the office, there are specific chairs and standing desks. Still, in-home people work while lying on bed and are not a suitable position, you will not spending money on these for proper office equipment, and you will face worst back pain in the future. As mentioned above, when you are working from home, you are just sitting that will affect your health and body fitness too.

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